What Is Stamped Concrete?

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Stamped concrete is textured and or patterned or embossed concrete that resembles slate, brick, tile, wood, stone, flagstone, and other textures and patterns. It is common for sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways, and interior flooring. Because of its flexibility, there are several amounts of choices of designs that you can choose from. Stamped concrete is known to be an affordable and attractive alternative for using materials like brick, slate, and stone.

There are three other additional steps utilized in stamped concrete that separates it from other procedures. The first step is the base color introduction. The second one is the highlight color that is added to accent, and then a pattern gets stamped to the concrete. These procedures give stamped concrete its texture, color, and shape. The most important thing is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and employ the services of the highly experienced home contractor.

Base Color

This is the primary color utilized on the stamped concrete. There are a lot of colors that you can choose from. The color you choose should be a reflection of the general decoration of your home. There exist two major techniques of introducing color to your concrete. The first method is broadcasting the color hardener. This is a powdered pigment for dying concrete by throwing it on the concrete’s surface. You then broadcast the hardener immediately it gets floated for the first time. After allowing the bleed water to soak in the hardener, you then float and trowel inside it. This technique only covers a small section of the surface and offers the surface a long wear life.

The other method is the integrally colored concrete. The whole volume of the concrete gets colored by the addition of the color hardener on to the truck. The integrally coloring procedure provides an advantage for the whole area is colored. However, the strength of the surface does not increase as it is while using the color hardener. A home contracting expert can help you in choosing the best base coloring techniques to use. Choose a base color that you will like to see around your home for a long time.

Highlight Color

This color, which is a secondary color, is crucial for highlighting the texture and color of the stamped concrete. It has a similar effect to shading in the artwork. You can achieve accent color when you pour or after setting the concrete. Highlight colors are very important because they are the most defining coloring elements on the stamped concrete. Choose the color that is most appropriate for the design of your home.

Stamping patterns

Stamping the concrete is a procedure that utilizes concrete stamps to make patterns in your concrete. The stamps are put on concrete after the application of the release. The stamps are then pushed into the concrete and removed to leave the texture and pattern inside the stamped concrete. There are so many patterns and you need to do a lot of research so that you don’t discover there was a better option after making a purchase decision. You can even request the designer to make custom-made stamped concrete that meets your unique needs.

Reasons for using stamped concrete

Everybody loves spaces he can call his own, one which has designed around your needs and taste, and which suit your style but is functional with minimal upkeep. Be it outside or in, possessing a space that is well designed is a must for the house to assume the feeling of a home. Additionally, with the current busy lifestyles, having a place to escape is more crucial than ever.

The one method that individuals are finding is turning your space into a sanctuary by use of stamped concrete in the basement or patio. Due to a lot of choices in the market for stamped concrete, it is crucial while creating your surfaces. You need to put the benefits below into consideration.

Since stamped concrete gets constructed from your location, you may choose those elements you want to create space which reflects your interest, style, and taste. Whether it is the patio which looks like flowing into the garden or pool directly, the place which reflects your landscape or rendering your artwork, the design gets limited by your imaginations.

Since the surface is solid and has seals, there is no need to being concerned about dirt or grit in the crevices like you would pavers or brick. Additionally, unlike wood, you will not be worried about wood or termites. Plus, the colors will still be beautiful for many years. The only required maintenance is the occasional sealing of the coat.

Adds to the resale value

While plain concrete may be appealing, stamped concrete will bring a big return on investment. Plus, it will cost less for installation than other flooring or patio options in the market.

The installation of stamped concrete means the lumber is not required and regular maintenance by use of sealers and solvent-based wood stains are unnecessary.

Of all installation patios, stamped concrete is very quick to install as it gets down just like concrete slabs and requires minimal labor.

Stamped concrete floors usually seem unusual for designing perfect retreat spaces but may be ideal solutions for the layout of the home. It is not bad to think beyond the box and purchase stamped concrete today.

With all the above reasons, you have all it takes to install stamped concrete in your home. It is an easy and cost-effective way of enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

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