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5 Signs That Your Orlando Home Needs a New Floor Coating

Several factors contribute to the deterioration of your floor coating, including the quality of installation. No matter how much you take care of your floor, there will be a time when you need to update and recoat your floors. That is why to ensure that your floor coating can last longer, you must only tap the services of a reliable contractor.

To help you know if your floor coating needs an update, here are some telltale signs:

Visible Cracks

Regardless of how durable your floor coating is, cracks will still appear over time. There could be many reasons behind this, such as the natural expansion of the concrete below. If visible cracks appear, you must install a new floor coating to avoid further damage.

If left untreated, it won’t just affect the coating but also the structural integrity of the concrete underneath. Cracks will act as an entryway for dirt, moisture, and other elements, which causes more severe damage.

The Coating is Chipping Off

A chipping or flaking floor indicates serious issues. It could be due to moisture or extreme temperature that delaminates part of your floor’s coating. It could also be due to inferior installation. If your floor coating is starting to chip or flake off, you need a new one.

As soon as you see your floor coating start to peel, or at least bubble, getting in touch with a reliable contractor should be your immediate course of action. They are trained to do the job properly, ensuring that they will install your new floor coating appropriately. This way, you can avoid this mishap due to installation errors.

Your Floor is Uneven

An uneven floor surface is another sign that you need a new floor coating. This is due to surface wear caused by heavy foot traffic, chemicals, or other environmental factors. When your floor has an uneven surface, you will feel dips and bumps when you walk on it. This also makes it look worn down, so you need to resurface or repair it to bring back its former allure.

If your floor is new yet has an uneven surface, it may be due to inferior installation. To ensure you can avoid this issue, only trust a contractor that can provide superior floor coatings.

There’s Discoloration

Once you see any significant changes in the color or overall appearance of the floor coating, you should schedule a floor coating service immediately. The discoloration could be due to moisture intrusion, damaging your floor further if left unrepaired. Prevent moisture from jeopardizing the structural integrity of the concrete underneath by getting the services of DreamCrete Custom Creations.

There’s Moisture Build Up

Removing any liquid from its surface should be relatively easy if your floor coating is still in excellent condition. However, if this is not the case, it means the floor is not sealed appropriately anymore. What you need to do is to recoat the floor immediately with the help of a reliable contractor.

Immediately scheduling a floor coating service is important because even a small moisture buildup can significantly damage your concrete floor. With the help of DreamCrete Custom Creations, we will ensure that your new floor coating will be stain-resistant, making it easy to clean and more long-lasting.

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