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Supplier and partner roundup

Our Service Partners

Working with the right suppliers is half the battle when it comes to quality jobs. At Dreamcrete Custom Creations, we pride ourselves in always providing quality, top-notch workmanship. This is evident in not only our finished projects, but also our many costumer reviews. Using Quality products from top suppliers is one of the things we strive to do. At Dreamcrete Custom Creations we have a top-notch list of suppliers and partners we always turn to. Their work is supreme and the quality of their products undoubtedly gets our stamp of approval. Here is a list of our suppliers and partners who we always turn to when in need of their products or services. 

Meet our Newest Affiliate

Dreamcrete Custom Creations proudly partners with local small businesses that make Central Florida a better place to live, work, and grow. Jen Adams Photo does exactly that. Learn More about Jen Adams Photo below.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Jen Adams and live have lived in Central Florida since 1995. I am a wife and a mama of 2 children (well they are 23 and almost 21 now) and they are the loves of my life. I have been in business since my son was born in 1999. I began my career photographing weddings, and then soon after, when my past bridal clients became pregnant, I learned to master maternity shoots… Then my past brides called again for newborn photography and family shoots, and voila: I had a diversified portfolio of work. Since then, I have loved adding senior photo shoots, headshots, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and events including 1st birthdays. I also enjoy photographing interiors and exteriors of houses and hotels (Alfond Inn, Hampton Inn to name a few). I ALSO photograph a handful of preschools, schools with special needs children, and one day care. My headshot clients typically are: realtors, lawyers, doctors and their offices, CPA’s, and general business people along with a few models here and there. Lastly, I photograph many non-profit events. I was very fortunate to diversify my types of photography as the years have rolled on. During the pandemic, hardly anyone worked, but as soon as people felt comfortable, I got to get back to work vs photographers that only did weddings. So THANKFUL!

What is your favorite part about serving Central Florida?

I truly love working with KIND, GENUINE people and there are so very many of them here in our wonderful area! I have often been told I make others feel comfortable during the photography process which is my goal. Here is an instance that makes all of my hard work worth it: When I produce a quality final product for the parents of a special needs child or any client that doesn’t feel beautiful and they want to hug me because they are so happy with the entire experience from beginning to end. We all want to look attractive and our best in an image, and I go the extra mile whether it be taking more pictures than the client could assume or taking time to talk with someone that may feel self-conscious to help them feel more comfortable. As the photo shoot progresses, my clients’ body language tells me they are becoming confident therefore looking better and feeling better. I also love to help (women especially) look their most slender by using little tricks I have learned over the years.

One last thought about what I LOVE about my work: I attended a Gala this summer with my husband (as a guest) and as I was checking in, one of the women behind the table recognized my name and voice and looked up and said with a huge smile on her face, “Hey! You photographed my wedding in 2004!” I love my following and that people remember me. Brings me joy that a “worker bee” like me is remembered.

What is Something most people don’t know about you and your industry?

What people don’t know is that to be a full-time photographer means potentially working 7 days a week into 11pm at night many nights. Some months you work 3 weeks in a row daily, with no day off. There are also huge holes in the workload as well, which one learns to enjoy that downtime when it happens. A good photographer also better be someone that saves for a rainy day… can’t just spend what you have when you earn it. And, not only are you the photographer, you are the editor, the accountant, the sales rep, the social media buzzer, the timeline maker, the bring the client to reality person, and the cheerleader.

What is you offer to DreamCrete Custom Creations Customers?

I want to offer our mutual clients the following:

1: My word that I will do everything humanly possible to give them the product they want.

2: I will always return calls, text, and return emails in a timely manner and give my product to them faster than promised. I will always throw a little something in for all my clients whether it is a little more time, less of a travel fee for the far away clients, or extra editing on those favorite images to make them happy.

3: No pressure sales… When you purchase your shoot time with me, the pricing is what it is, no hidden extra fees etc. Also, you own ALL copyrights with me. You do not have to spend another dollar with me. Many photographers have a sitting fee and then a strong sales pitch and you have now invested $1000-4000 for a small family photo shoot and if you don’t you are very uncomfortable when you are leaving their studio. That is not my intention ever. I want you happy, comfortable, and to be able to print your images wherever you want… if you are making holiday cards, you can go where you want. You get the idea.


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