Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Metallic Epoxy Floor

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Metallic epoxy flooring has become one of the best flooring types on the market today. Due to its attractive appearance and elegance, it’s a great option to consider when it comes to flooring. At DreamCrete, we offer various color options, shades, and effects, that will appeal to anyone. Our experienced contracting team is eager to bring you the best rated metallic epoxy flooring services in Central Florida!

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Recommended Uses

  • Commercial and industrial flooring, including malls, retail stores, cinema halls, schools, laboratories, etc.
  • Kitchens and countertops
  • Showrooms, garages, and workshops
  • Hotel lobby entrances
  • Hallways and hospitals

Pros and Cons of Metallic Epoxy Flooring


  • It’s durable and has a hard-wearing surface that can withstand heavy weights and constant traffic
  • Provides a protective coating to the underlying concrete from cracks, moisture, and stains
  • Available in various colors and shades that presents a smooth, flawless, and elegant shine for unique designs and patterns
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Provides a high level of safety as it increases visibility by reflecting light
  • Lasts longer than many other types of flooring. When installed correctly, it can last for years without cracking or peeling off
  • Superior to other flooring types because it’s denser, making it more resistant to degradation
  • Provides a striking appearance to floors and buildings


  • It may be slippery when wet. Therefore, it may not be ideal for areas prone to water, but can be resolved by adding texture
  • Wet epoxy has a strong ammonia smell; so, one should stay away during the installation process
  • Metallic epoxy is very sensitive and may not serve its lifespan if not installed correctly

Why Choose Us

  • We’re the best-rated metallic epoxy installers in terms of service delivery, professionalism, and efficiency
  • We make your experience with the Metallic Epoxy Flooring Orlando better
  • We’re available in Orlando and Central Florida areas and still may help you even if you are out of range
  • We offer convenient and timely services! We own our equipment, making us more reliable and flexible regardless of the project’s size
  • Our work is done with the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the best results for our clients

Get Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Orlando Today

 Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss the flooring varieties we have, then receive a quote according to your choice and set a date for installation. We will prepare your concrete surface and install the metallic epoxy according to the manufactures highest recommended standards!

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