Top Epoxy Flooring Design Options for Orlando Homeowners

Top Epoxy Flooring Design Options for Orlando Homeowners

If there’s one common misconception about epoxy flooring, it’s that epoxy flooring designs are too complex and costly to apply inside the home. The truth is, designer epoxy flooring is more affordable and versatile than you may have imagined. 

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Plus, if you’re looking for the most durable flooring ideas and flooring options available, it’s virtually impossible to beat epoxy. With proper care, you can eliminate issues like epoxy floor peeling or chipping, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful epoxy floor for decades to come. 

Read on as to learn some of the top design options for adding a beautiful and long-lasting epoxy floor to your Orlando home. 

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic finishes are one of the most eye-catching and versatile ways to complete your epoxy flooring project. A metallic epoxy floor gets its luster and dimensionality from metallic pigments added to the epoxy resin during the pouring process. The result is a floor finish with a 3D metallic floor finish that adds beauty and interest to any room. 

Your epoxy floor contractors can execute metallic finishes in many ways. Many Orlando area homeowners opt for a classic swirled pattern, but there are plenty of opportunities to get adventurous. It’s possible to mimic many natural scenes with a metallic finish, such as a rushing river, cloudy sky, or volcanic eruption. 

3D Floor Images

Today’s newest and most exciting finishes in the epoxy world are incredibly detailed and realistic 3D images encased on the floor. 

First, an epoxy primer is applied to the floor. Then, the image of your choice is laid down on the floor. Popular options include cityscapes, natural scenes, or optical illusions. Finally, several layers of clear epoxy are applied on top of the image.

The thick layer of clear epoxy over the top of the image adds depth and drama to the floor below. Unlike a decal that is directly below you, the image is inches below your feet, which gives the feeling that you’re floating over the image below. 

Flake Finishes

A unique and eye-catching finish that’s becoming increasingly popular with Orlando-area homeowners is a textured flake finish. With this style of epoxy floor coating, a base color coat is applied to the floor, and acrylic flakes are scattered across the surface as the topcoat is applied. This process creates a random and eye-catching pattern.

A coat of sealant is applied over the top of the floor to lock the acrylic flakes in place. A thin coat of sealant will provide a textured finish that’s ideal for garage flooring or laundry rooms, while a thicker coat provides a smooth finish that’s more resistant to epoxy floor peeling. 


Terrazzo is a mosaic-style finish that’s breathtakingly beautiful as a wall or floor finish. It’s also quite expensive, which has limited its appeal to homeowners. Thanks to the wonders of epoxy flooring making it the best floor finish for terrazzo, you can add a beautiful terrazzo-style floor to your home that’s far more affordable than was possible in the past.

With a terrazzo floor finish, natural materials including stone, granite, glass, and quartz are added to the epoxy material as it’s poured. This style is similar to a flake finish, but it uses natural material instead of acrylic, and the stone substrate is added to the epoxy as it’s poured instead of after. 

Once a traditional terrazzo floor has cured, significant labor is required to grind and polish the new floor to its finished form. With epoxy concrete, much less labor is needed, allowing homeowners to add terrazzo’s beautiful look to their home much more affordably than with traditional terrazzo. 


Epoxy is the most versatile floor finish on earth, and for proof of that, look no further than the vast array of epoxy floor patterns you can achieve with installed epoxy. 

With the help of bespoke flooring services, a talented epoxy floor contractor can achieve an endless array of patterned looks for your new floor. You can use patterns as a design flourish to draw attention to a room, or you can use them to create incredible faux finishes such as brick, wood, or tile. 

An epoxy faux finish is becoming increasingly popular because it offers the authentic look of wood, tile, or other high-end materials without any of the durability concerns inherent with wood or ceramic floor. 

Wrap Up 

The beauty, versatility, and affordability of epoxy flooring have made it one of the most popular choices for Orlando area homeowners looking to elevate their home’s look. It’s also one of the most durable options, and epoxy floor peeling or chipping is a concern of the past. 

If you’re ready to add a beautiful epoxy garage floor, basement, kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home, look for a reputable Decorative Concrete Contractor in your area, verify their reviews and check out their work online.

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