The Most Common Ways Orlando Homeowners are Resurfacing Their Concrete

Concrete Overlays: The Most Common Ways Orlando Homeowners are Resurfacing Their Concrete

Redoing concrete surfaces takes time, not to mention homeowners’ expenses on the project. However, it is not the best idea to leave concrete surfaces broken or cracked as it can worsen over time. Therefore, one of the best solutions is concrete overlays.

Concrete overlay systems are concrete-based coatings applied over existing concrete slabs. It is an easy fix for damaged concrete surfaces or a cheaper way to redecorate surfaces accordingly. But how are they used in today’s projects? Here are some ideas.

1. Microtopping

Microtopping is applying a thin layer of concrete materials to existing concrete surfaces. Contractors do it to restore and repair the surface without entirely working on it. The process involves cleaning, repairing, and preparing the surface for a layer of thin concrete material.

It will give the surface a fresh look without repeating the whole process. It is perfect for thin concrete surfaces as well as for concrete surfaces in residential and commercial projects. Microtopping not only repairs damaged concrete slabs but also protects them from extreme weather conditions and from getting damaged again.

2. Stamping

Stamping has always been a popular choice for exterior concrete resurfacing. It is not new but has become more popular than traditional resurfacing processes. Stamped concrete has become a new trend in residential and commercial projects.

Stamped concrete is a unique decorative covering because of its flexibility. The process offers different patterns that can enhance any concrete surface. It is a simple and cost-saving way to create artistic effects on concrete surfaces. Meanwhile, it also works on concrete surfaces but looks very different from concrete.

3. Spraying Down

Spraying does not sound attractive for creating concrete surfaces, but homeowners can do it. Like any other material, concrete comes in different textures. However, contractors can also install concrete surfaces without pouring them into a form. There are different types of spray-on concrete used in commercial projects.

Spray concrete surfaces are becoming more popular with their growing demand in commercial and residential projects. The process involves spraying a thin layer of concrete with a spray gun. It is not a mess-free process but can give you the best results. It is perfect for delicate concrete and concrete surfaces in residential and commercial projects.

4. Self-Leveling

Self-leveling concrete is a new type of overlay system. It is not your typical concrete coating, but it is a system designed to make concrete surfaces smooth. It is a new technology that contractors are using. It works on existing concrete surfaces.

Homeowners can use concrete overlay systems for different projects. They are widely used for decorative purposes, but they are also the best option for repairing small cracks and minor damage. It works in a single coat, reducing the cost of repairing concrete slabs in houses.

Why Should I Use Concrete Overlays?

Concrete overlays and pool deck resurfacing for indoor flooring, patios & commercial floors are a cost-cutting solution for homeowners. It is a simple way to solve concrete problems without spending too much. Another advantage of concrete overlay systems is their flexibility. There is a wide variety of colors and textures.

Why chose DreamCrete Custom Creations?

Concrete overlay systems are the best way to repair a cracked concrete slab. It is a cost-effective repair of old concrete surfaces in residential and commercial projects. They are affordable and easy to apply, making them ideal solutions for repairs other than replacing the entire concrete slab. It’s best to work with experienced and skilled contractors as they know which technique best suits your needs and preferences.

DreamCrete Custom Creations offers concrete overlay applications in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. 

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