How Orlando Homeowners Use Epoxy Flooring To Increase Their Home Value

DreamCrete Custom Creations of Orlando Talks About How Epoxy Flooring Can Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

If you have a little money and are thinking about remodeling some aspect of your home or property, you probably want to enhance it in a way that adds value when you sell your home in the future. That’s smart thinking and smart investing. One option that comes to mind that is affordable and adds value to your Orlando home is epoxy flooring. The following is provided to learn more about epoxy flooring and how it adds value to your home.

Uses of Epoxy Flooring

In most cases, epoxy is applied to any concrete floor or flat concrete surface. The idea is to remove the dullness of the plain concrete and make it more attractive. Epoxy also hides stains left on the concrete by vehicle oil, grease, and other elements, and instead offers a coated surface on which no stains can form.

Epoxy is frequently used to beautify garage floors in Orlando. However, it can also be applied to the concrete area around pools, concrete floors or commercial spaces, and even to driveways or walkways, if you so desire. With the dozens of colors, add-in effects, and textures, epoxy looks good almost anywhere you apply it.

How Epoxy Flooring is Used to Increase Home Values in Orlando

There are several ways that this type of flooring increases your home’s value.

  1. It adds visual appeal. Buyers love the many looks that this type of flooring provides. Brindled and swirled epoxies almost look like granite or marble, and yet, it’s just concrete disguised as these materials.

  2. Nothing beats the selling point of “maintenance free.” Epoxy floors just need a weekly sweep and a biweekly or monthly mopping to stay clean and look beautiful. With so little work involved in caring for these floors, buyers are eager to make an offer.

  3. It prevents health problems created by concrete dust and the accumulation of dirt and dust particles from the air. The epoxy seals the concrete such that the concrete cannot flake and create tiny, inhalable particles that can harm your lungs and nasal passages.

  4. It resists all chemicals. Think of it as putting a very hard plastic shell over the concrete. Only an epoxy thinner and stripper can cause this type of floor coating any damage, and you are not likely to keep such a product anywhere near your epoxy floors.

    You can spill practically anything on it, including gasoline and nail polish remover, and the epoxy will not be harmed. This is a huge selling point to home buyers who have kids and pets and are tired of ruined carpets and messed up wood or laminate floors.

  5. Buyers will never have to replace the concrete floor underneath because the epoxy seals the concrete protecting it against moisture, shifting, and cracking. Replacing a concrete slab in a garage alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When buyers see the epoxy, they know they are getting a real deal included in your asking price because they won’t have to spend thousands replacing that concrete anytime soon.

  6. Epoxy floors reflect a lot of light upward. In spaces where not enough natural light shines and ceiling lights don’t provide enough lighting, an epoxy floor can magnify the effects of the available light making the whole space seem a lot brighter than it actually is. Increased lighting effects increases personal safety because you can see better regardless of the time of day or the available light present. This is also a big selling point with buyers that love a lot of light.

Ready for Epoxy Flooring in Your Orlando Home?

If you’re an Orlando homeowner looking to upgrade your home, call Orlando epoxy floors contractor at DreamCrete Custom Creations today! They’ll will elevate the appearance of your home while adding value. Call 407-285-8476 to get a FREE quote today.

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