How Orlando Home Owners Are Protecting & Prolonging Their Driveways & Patios

Maintaining concrete can extend the service life of your concrete driveway and patio. Here are some tips for preserving the lifespan and appearance of your investment.

Concrete driveways are durable but not resistant to damage. Both hot and cold weather can have a detrimental impact on driveways and patios. While repairs can keep your driveways effective and looking good, prevention by taking good care of your driveways is necessary.

Driveway & Patio Sealing

One way to prolong the lifespan of concrete is through sealing. It is an easy and inexpensive method of protecting driveways and patios. Sealing gives driveways additional protection that enables them to be durable and resist deterioration. Besides, pool resurfacing in Orlando goes a long way in preventing stains.

Concrete performs effectively even when not sealed, but applying sealer after a couple of years enhances curb appeal and extends its lifespan. Driveway or patio sealing is essential, especially during winter, to prevent salt from eating away at the concrete.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to seal a concrete driveway or patio. It is a simple project that you can comfortably do yourself.

What Damages Unsealed Concrete

  • Weather Putrefaction: Constant change of weather and temperatures can damage concrete driveways and patios. Weather damages concrete slowing, making it brittle.
  • Expansion: Aggregate expansion mainly takes place during winter. When you put salt to melt snow in your driveway, the melted snow penetrates through cracks, thus causing expansion.
  • Chemical Damage: Chemical reactions can damage a driveway. Carbon dioxide reacts with calcium hydroxide to form calcium carbonate. Additionally, calcium carbonate minimizes the strength of concrete and also weakens reinforcement steel.

Advantages of Sealing Concrete

  • Prevents Cracks: One main benefit of concrete coating in Orlando is to avoid cracks. The seal will fill all holes, which will eliminate cracking.
  • Long Lasting: One way of prolonging the life of driveways and patios is by sealing them. If not taken care of, concrete can hardly last for 20 years. On the contrary, regular concrete coating can extend its lifespan for up to 30 years. It is less expensive compared to a driveway or patio reconstruction.
  • Withstand Stains: By sealing your patio, driveway, and pool, you will eliminate irreversible stains. After sealing, you will wave goodbye to staining your concrete with chemicals, such as grease.
  • Resists Moisture: Concrete can weaken over time when exposed to moisture for a long time. Water is a culprit of the growth of moss and mold, which can negatively affect the concrete.
  • Reduces Color Fade: As said earlier, weather changes can negatively affect concrete driveways. Applying a sealer on concrete can help regain its shininess. Also, applying a sealer reduces color fading. If you want to prevent your pool from fading, hire contractors at DremeCrete Custom Creations for pool resurfacing Orlando residents can trust.

Pressure Washing Driveways and Patios

Whether the driveway is in a commercial or residential property, it is essential to keep it clean. If you want a sparkling clean driveway, rinsing it with low-pressure water is not enough.

Pressure washing helps to remove tough stains and deep-rooted dirt from driveways and patios. The easiest way to keep a driveway looking great and fresh is by pressure washing it regularly. If you want to know how pressure washing can help maintain your driveways and patios, here are the benefits.

  • Removes Mold & Mildew: Mold and mildew often grow in damp driveways and patios. They later cause black streaks, which give driveways a tarnished and rusty look. It is daunting to get rid of these black streaks with standard scrubbing. An easy way of preventing the growth of mold and mildew is pressure washing the driveway from time to time. With the assistance of high-pressure water rinsing, it will only take you a couple of minutes to eliminate the black streak on the driveway surface.
  • Gets Rid of Dirt: It is prudent to note that driveways are susceptible to all kinds of dirt that are extremely difficult to remove with regular washing. Besides dust, cars bring along sticky stains, grime, loose paint, mold, and mud onto driveways. Additionally, a vehicle may release antifreeze spills or oil leaks on driveways causing stains and streaks. Pressure washing will remove all kinds of dirt, including sticky stains and oil leaks.

Paver Sealing

If you have not yet included sealing pavers in your pavers maintenance routine, you are missing out. The new coat of sealer will enhance the color appearance of pavers. Additionally, pavers will retain the brightness for a considerable amount of time. Sealing paver will help curb appeal and protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Paver sealing adds an extra layer of protection, making it relatively easier to remove grease and oil stains.

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