4 Smart Ideas for your Outdoor Kitchen in Orlando

Looking for smart and practical ideas for your Outdoor Kitchen in Orlando FL?

If you own a home in Orlando and are thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, these are 4 smart and practical ideas to consider before calling a kitchen remodeler. Outdoor kitchens require a lot of attention to detail. Oftentimes choosing the right materials for your outdoor kitchen can be tricky because since it is outdoors, the elements need to be taken into consideration. Here are the 4 essentials that make an outdoor kitchen both functional and beautiful. 

Concrete countertops

Concrete is durable. While most people know that concrete countertops look good, few people are aware of the great benefits that this type of countertop offers. Due to its properties, concrete is much more economical than laminate, tile and artificial quartz. Concrete countertops are strong and durable. They are the best way to withstand the elements. This is especially important in Orange County where summers can be very hot.

Orlando FL Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Concrete countertops can be customizable to suit any outdoor kitchen design. Concrete can be stamped, painted and treated to create many versatile looks. A concrete countertop can become the most eye-catching and beautiful part of an outdoor kitchen, all while remaining durable and resistant to the elements.

Concrete countertops are also heat resistant. As long as a suitable sealer is used, concrete worktops are heat-resistant. This makes them resistant to the heat of hot pots and pans. Easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning is a breeze. Concrete countertops can be cleaned with only a mild multi-purpose cleaner or only soap and water. Typical concrete countertops are 1 ½ to 2 inches thick, just like marble or granite countertops. However, contractors can create the illusion of a thicker countertop by pouring a drop-shaped edge.

Outdoor Grill and Stove

A grill or stove is the number one staple in any outdoor kitchen in Orlando. Investing in a stainless steel option is a smart idea. Stainless steel appliances are durable and easy to clean. Outdoor kitchens in Orlando are exposed to harsh elements, especially during the summer. Kitchen equipment and surfaces need to be covered and maintained because they are outside. Think about the time and effort it takes to keep your summer kitchen in order.

When looking into purchasing an outdoor stove, always consider the importance of getting one with a hood to cover the stovetop. Outdoor stoves are a great option to have in addition to a grill. Oftentimes while meats are grilling, other dishes need to be prepared on a stove. Having an outdoor stove is very practical, while also adding a great touch to an outdoor kitchen. Being able to cook everything outside is a wonderful way to ensure family and friends are always entertained. 

Concrete Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sinks are indispensable in an outdoor kitchen. Having a concrete kitchen sink in an outdoor kitchen ensures the inside of the home remains clean. If the kitchen has a water filtration system, it can also be used to make summertime drinks. Paired with an outdoor stove, an outdoor kitchen sink can be used to prepare other foods that do not have to be grilled. An outdoor kitchen sink will maintain the main house cleaner. There is no need to take dirty plates, pans, utensils, tongs or spatulas back into the house. Using the kitchen sink to maintain outdoor grilling tools clean will extend the life of the tools as well. In a pinch, an outdoor sink can also be used as a cooler. Fill it up with ice, add drinks and they remain as cool as if they were sitting in a cooler. A kitchen sink is a sure way to enjoy a summer kitchen to its maximum. 

Outdoor Refrigerators

Having a refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen in Orlando is a great incentive to ensure your kitchen is the best entertainment area on the block. Having cool drinks at close proximity, allows guests to relax and unwind. Outdoor kitchen refrigerators also free up space in the home fridge. Outdoor fridges can be used to store snacks and juices for when kids are playing outside. Having easily accessible snacks and drinks makes any entertainment space one that is visited and enjoyed often.

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