Transform Your Space with Overlays & Concrete Resurfacing in Oviedo, FL

The appearance of your floors can make or break the design and ambiance of your home. Dull and worn-out floors can become an eyesore, preventing your interior and exterior designs from standing out. 

A house’s flooring is usually made from concrete, but this doesn’t mean it should look like the surfaces of public parks and driveways. 

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to revamp the appearance of your existing concrete floors? Then, consider investing in concrete overlays and concrete resurfacing services. These processes involve pouring a thin cement-based overlay over existing concrete. In turn, this creates a smoother and more beautiful surface.  

By working with the best concrete overlay and resurfacing contractor today, your floors will look new and unique in no time! Let our team of experts transform your driveways, patios, garage floors, pool decks, and concrete slabs.

Decorative Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing Options

Your floors can make an impression on you and your guests. So why not invest in services that will make yours different and appealing? By investing in concrete overlays and concrete resurfacing services, you can improve the look and feel of your floors. With a wide array of colors, designs, and textures to choose from, your floors will be unique.

With decorative concrete, you can even make custom designs and patterns for your concrete surface!

If you work with us, you can choose from many different design options for concrete overlays and concrete resurfacing:

  • Ashlar Slate in Augusta Gold: Ashlar stamps are characterized by their rectangular and square stones. They all have varying sizes, arranged in an interlocking pattern. This resurfacing option is popular anywhere in the world and works well with any home design or architecture.
  • Brick: Brick is a timeless option that will make your floors look elegant. This decorative resurfacing option comes in various patterns and tones. This allows you to pick a design that matches your home’s exterior or interior design!
  • Greek Slate: If you’re a fan of marbled surfaces, resurface concrete flooring with a Greek slate design. Choosing this pattern for your floors will grab the attention of your guests! 
  • Hand-Cut Flagstone: Do you want your floors to showcase flagstones in different shapes or shades? Choose to install hand-cut flagstone on your floors. This decorative resurfacing option creates custom and authentic colors. If you want to add some unique patterns to your concrete surface, this is the right option. 
  • Seamless Roman Slate: Are you looking for ways to add texture to your home? Install overlays with a seamless roman slate design. This design comes in subtle colors yet still creates a statement.
DreamCrete commercial concrete overlay resurface

Why You Should Resurface Concrete Floorings

Resurfacing concrete flooring services is a smart investment despite the initial out-of-pocket cost. You’ll be surprised how this service can immediately benefit you today and for many years to come! 

Here are four reasons why you should resurface concrete floorings in your home:

  • Cost-effective: Resurfacing concrete is cheaper than removing your old flooring and replacing it with new material. When you choose to resurface your concrete flooring, you can pick from various designs without breaking the bank.
  • Increases the value of your home: Are you planning to sell your home soon? Or earn passive income by turning it into a rental property? Whatever the case may be, resurfacing concrete flooring can help you earn more profit as this increases the value of your home. This is because resurfacing concrete flooring can fix any damage on the surface, making your floors look new. 
  • Extends the lifespan of your floors: When exposed to high foot traffic and extreme weather conditions, the condition of your floors will deteriorate. Ensure that your floors last for another decade by resurfacing them. This process makes your floors more durable and resistant to stains so they can continue to stand the test of time. 
  • Boosts your property’s curb appeal: The curb appeal of your property can affect your ability to haul in buyers or tenants. No one wants to buy or rent a property that looks unkempt from the outside. No need to worry about this problem when you resurface your concrete. This decorative concrete service can improve your interior and exterior concrete. By picking the right design, your home will grab the attention of buyers and tenants!

Professional Resurfacing Contractors for Your Concrete Needs

Resurfacing your concrete floors can provide countless benefits, so what are you waiting for? We at Dreamcrete Custom Creations have been transforming numerous concrete floors for years. With the breadth of experience and skills behind us, we are renowned as the best concrete contractors in the industry. Contact us today through 321-972-5108 or email us at for free estimates! 

Just let us know how you want your concrete floors to look, and we’ll be there to turn that vision into a reality!

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