Why Orlando Homeowners Are Choosing Concrete Countertops For Their Home

Residential Concrete Countertops

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Your kitchen is a place where lots of memories are created. From baking warm, gooey cookies with your kids to dinner parties with friends, your kitchen is where it all begins. It’s a true reflection of your home so it’s important to choose the right design for your needs. Therefore, the material you choose for your counter is critical. If you’re at all into cooking, baking, or hosting, you need countertops that are both durable and beautiful, and concrete countertops are exactly that!Due to the many benefits, concrete countertops are gaining popularity with Orlando’s homeowners now more than ever. Not only are they great for the kitchen, but they’re perfect for the bathroom vanity, concrete furniture, or anywhere else in your home!

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Benefits of Concrete Countertops

  • Customizable
    Orlando’s homeowners have discovered the versatility of concrete and the countless ways to create a design unique to your home. You can add any color, mold it into any shape, and even add decorative elements to mimic more expensive materials like granite and marble.
  • Durability
    Concrete countertops are made by mixing strong materials to enhance its water and stain resistance. These counterparts are not porous, and therefore are able to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. Concrete is not easily breakable, and in case of cracks, repairing a countertop is easy.
  • Eco Friendly
    You want your food prepared in the safest environment. These countertops are not porous, so there is no release or emission of harmful substances to food. Unlike synthetic, plastic countertops, concrete is almost impervious to heat. Concrete is cheaper than natural stone while harboring the same qualities. Therefore, you are very unlikely to ruin the countertop.
  • Lifetime investment
    Once you install a concrete countertop, whether in the washroom or in the kitchen, it will serve you a lifetime with no need for replacement. Concrete makes a sturdy, durable structure that, if well sealed, requires minimal maintenance.

The Uses of Countertops in Homes and Businesses

Countertops are an integral part of your home and are quite literally used 24/7. Most Orlando homeowners install a countertop above storage cabinets in their kitchens or bathrooms. Businesses that also highly benefit from countertops are schools and laboratories that use them as working space. You will rarely find a kitchen or a bathroom without a countertop. Unlike other countertop materials like granite, quartz, and laminate, installing concrete countertops is less expensive and still brings out great results. This trait lures more homeowners into using these trendy countertops.

Trends and Finishes

Do you know why these countertops are this popular with Orlando residents? It gives the designers countless finishes. Acid staining and stamping have been used to mimic natural textures.

You could integrate the color of your choice to create a simple and beautiful finish. Other integral concrete countertops include exposed aggregate, salt, and pepper pattern, cream, and stamped finishes. The styles and finishes are endless! Our team of professionals can help you customize the countertops you’ve always wanted for your home! 

If you’re an Orlando homeowner looking to update your countertops, call our team at DreamCrete Custom Creations today! We’ll transform your countertops and create a stunning and functional countertop space that will elevate the appearance of your home while adding value. Call 407-285-8476 to get a FREE quote today. 

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