Get the Seamless High-End Look With Metallic Epoxy in Winter Springs, FL

With our metallic epoxy services, you can create numerous color combinations and blends to match the perfect type of flooring for you. It’s a versatile material that can work in any location, from luxurious residences to warehouse facilities. At DreamCrete Custom Creations, we use top-of-the-line metallic epoxy to deliver the flooring you want.

Metallic epoxy coatings have a wow factor that many other concrete floors lack. It has a beautiful luster and finish that catches the eye. When you have it placed, you add an extra dimension to your space. From the swirls of the finish and the reflective surface, the material is distinct.

Of course, you need a professional team to handle the installation of metallic epoxy floor coating. It requires a proper application and mixes to make its features stand out.

Best Metallic Epoxy Finishes For Garages, Driveway, Patios, Pool Deck and Interior Spaces

A metallic epoxy concrete floor is a viable option for enhancing the aesthetics of any indoor space. You can put it in a garage or driveway to have durable flooring that stands out. Many use it for large rooms and showrooms because it adds a unique look to any space. Not to mention its shine is unparalleled. 

Metallic epoxy flooring is a highly versatile option for many design needs. You can customize it to match your home and any interior space you want. It is also very durable, which makes it easy to maintain.

To create the metallic epoxy flooring effect, our team of experts will conduct a careful examination of the area’s lighting. The floor will need a dark primer to create a contrast with the metallic coat and allow it to show its features. We then place metallic pigments after the primer. Afterward, we use epoxy flooring kits to help solidify that metallic effect.

After application, there are many other things we can do to create unique finishes. You can opt for multiple colors to create accents. We can also topcoat it with another material like a gloss finish. The many layers create a stable metallic flooring, and it has good traction.

metallic epoxy floor

Top Advantages of Metallic Epoxy Coatings For Your Property

There are several advantages to using a metallic epoxy coating. These include:  

  • It’s a non-slip material: While metallic epoxy has a noticeable shine and a reflective surface, it is by no means slippery. It adds more traction to the floor, and it’s compatible with other types of topcoats. You can add other materials to improve the non-slip feeling even more if you want.
  • High life expectancy: Epoxy is a very durable material, and you can even modify it to enhance its longevity even further. Even with its long life, it requires little maintenance. It’s easy to do any minor repairs for surface damage on it.
  • Flooring that accents other objects: Metallic epoxy is popular in showrooms and other areas where you want to enhance a product, such as a showroom. It’s great for displays and doesn’t distract from other items in the room.
  • Unique finish: No other flooring options have the same features that capture the attention of any bypasser; other topcoats feel dull in comparison. It’s also possible to create unique customization by incorporating design styles.
  • Hygienic surface: Metallic epoxy flooring’s surface leaves no room for gaps or cracks. It’s antimicrobial so it won’t easily harbor viruses or bacteria. This is especially helpful in spaces like kitchens and hospitals.

Get Metallic Epoxy Done By Licensed Professionals

Metallic flooring systems are dazzling and eye-catching. However, it’s not a material that you can simply install on your own. It requires significant training and the right tools to make the flooring stand out. Licensed professionals will make the process efficient and won’t make any costly mistakes. They also have all the right tools to keep everyone safe and ensure high quality.

If you’re considering a metallic epoxy garage floor or any other application, contact DreamCrete Custom Creations today. We offer top-of-the-line products that you can use for both indoor and outdoor areas. We’ve built a reputation for quality work. Many homes or business establishments and residences trust us for their flooring solutions.

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