How to spot a bad concrete patio installation? Here are the warning signs!

concrete patio installation
Concrete patios can take many forms, and while some people may not want to spend much for an elaborate patio design, you must get yours installed correctly. How do you know if your concrete patio installation is good or bad? One way to find out is by reading the warning signs.

This blog post talks about six things that can indicate a poor quality installation and provides tips on spotting them.

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Sloped areas on the patio that create trip hazards for homeowners and their guests

If there are areas on your concrete that slope upward or downward, then it’s likely that they used poor-quality materials and techniques in their installation process. This means that not only does your patio have an aesthetic issue, but it also has structural issues. The best solution is to remove and replace the old slab. This will involve breaking up and removing the old slab and installing new leveling material for a smoother finish.

Joints that are not appropriately sealed and allow water to seep through, causing it to overflow onto your patio

It is vital for the integrity of your concrete slab that all joints are sealed and watertight. The trick to fixing the problem is in the right surface preparation before the contractor begins with the project. 

If you are experiencing this kind of problem, concrete patio services are what you need. A bleeding concrete weakens the structural integrity of the concrete. Water is a leading contributor to all kinds of concrete damages. That’s why proper drainage solutions and sealed concrete are adamant to long-lasting concrete patios. 

Slabs that are offset from each other

When walking on a concrete patio, you may notice that there is a slanted or offset slab. The slabs are usually not flush to each other and the gaps can be as large as an inch. This type of defect can put stress on your feet and ankles while walking across it. A misaligned slab during installation could lead to problems with water drainage and stability. The major cause of this was sawing or cutting the forms boards to size for installation and caused uneven spacing in the slabs. 

Wet concrete has a slimy feel and is dark gray in color

Waiting too long can result in a dark gray color that feels slimy and has an unpleasant smell. This means that water or moisture has gotten into the surface before it had enough time to dry out thoroughly. A problem like this could lead to cracking and other issues down the road!

No edges around the concrete patios

The edges of a concrete patio are not always straight. They can be slightly curved or even have some waves in them. This is normal and does not mean that the decorative concrete patio was done poorly. However, is an exception to this rule. If you look around the perimeter of your concrete slab and don’t see any edging, then the concrete patio company may have skipped installing it.

Only hire a licensed and insured concrete patio contractor like DreamCrete!

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