How to Prevent Your Garage’s Epoxy Flooring from Peeling

Epoxy Flooring Peeling

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Epoxy flooring is one of the best floors for your garage because it is not only affordable, easy to maintain, and durable but also protects and gives your garage a beautiful glow and tremendous transformation. It protects concrete from water, oil, and other stains. If your garage does not have epoxy flooring, its concrete will suffer. However, suppose your garage does not have epoxy flooring. In that case, an Orlando epoxy flooring contractor can help you transform your garage into a professional-looking floor and functional area.

Although epoxy flooring gives your garage an excellent aesthetic appeal, it can start peeling and reduce the strength of your garage floor after many years of use. This peeling can be disappointing to you, especially after investing so much time and resources into enhancing your garage. Fortunately, the following tips can help you prevent your epoxy flooring from peeling:

1. Always Keep Your Epoxy Flooring Clean

Ensure you clean the epoxy flooring at least once a week. When cleaning your floors, use a brush with soft bristles or a dust mop to ensure you do not scratch the floor. If there are construction joints on your floor, make sure you clean them once per month using your vacuum hose attachment because it will suck the dirt and other debris quickly. You should also be sure you clean any spills immediately because your epoxy flooring will degrade soon if the dirt remains.

2. Repair Damages Immediately

Although epoxy flooring is strong and durable, damages can occur despite your efforts to maintain it. While damages mostly appear in high-traffic areas of your garage, it’s important to repair even the slightest damages that you notice, including minor cracks. The sooner you repair the damaged areas, the easier it gets to prevent more damage. When left unattended, cracks and scratches spread to other parts of the flooring. If you notice any cracks on your epoxy floors, it is crucial to seek professionals to help you fix the problem so that they can advise you on whether you need your garage floor repaired or replaced.

3. Always Keep Your Epoxy Flooring Dry

Moisture is one of the factors that cause epoxy flooring to peel. After washing your floor, allow it to dry. Let it sit for at least 24 hours before having a professional apply new resin after washing your concrete flooring. Any moisture accumulation can ruin the epoxy flooring due to the hydrostatic pressure that forms when epoxy gets into contact with water.

4. Place Floor Mats at Each Entry of Your Garage

Floor mats protect epoxy by helping remove dirt and debris from shoes and absorb water and mud before it gets tracked onto the floors. Placing a mat at each entryway will ensure people dry the bottom of their shoes and feet before entering your garage.

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Having epoxy flooring properly installed is the most effective way of preventing it from peeling. For the best epoxy flooring services, contact Orlando’s epoxy flooring contractors at DreamCrete Custom Creations. We will install your epoxy flooring the right way to prevent your epoxy flooring from peeling in the future. Call us to schedule a convenient time for a free estimate at 407-285-8476

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