How to Pick the Best Stamped Concrete Pattern and Color for Your Orlando Home

Stamped concrete is a great way to bring the exterior of your Orlando home to life. There are various patterns and colors available. We know that it can be hard to choose what's best for your Orlando home.

To make this decision easier, we've created this guide with some helpful tips.

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Consider the style of your home.

Stamped concrete comes in many patterns and colors. So, take the time to consider what style you are going for. Stamped patterns can mimic different types of materials. The design you choose must reflect your home’s architectural style.

Is your home modern, traditional, or rustic? Answering this will help you pin down the patterns that would look best on your home.

For example, if you have a modern home, you may want to consider a herringbone pattern. If it’s traditional, a running bond brick pattern will look best.

Develop an idea for what color you would like to see on your stamped concrete patio – and stick with it!

Pick a color that will set off your home’s exterior design and match with existing landscaping.

Make sure to consider any trees, bushes, or other landscaping surrounding the perimeter of your home.

If large objects are close to where you want stamped concrete installed, it is essential to consider what will be covered up. We’ve seen many different colors disappear under trees and other landscaping. So, make sure to check this off your list when deciding on a color.

For instance, if you have magnolia trees around your home, darker colors like black or gray primarily can blend in with this greenery. Meanwhile, brighter colors like red or yellow contrast nicely with magnolia trees.

How much time and money do you want to invest in this project?

The cost of stamped concrete is typically more expensive than standard concrete work. The pattern has to be imprinted into the concrete flooring by hand and requires more time to complete. When choosing the design and color for your stamped concrete, it’s essential to consider the work involved and how much time you have before you want to use it.

If you need a quick turnaround for a home improvement project, simple patterns with primary colors will be the most affordable option.

But if you have extra time on your hands and are willing to invest a bit more money, you may choose a complex pattern, brighter and accent colors. These will produce beautiful, eye-catching finished stamped concrete for your Orlando home.

Be mindful that some colors will require more maintenance than others.

Many people love stamped concrete in part because it is low-maintenance. A lot of the time, you can achieve this characteristic by using lighter colors. But, some colors can be more high-maintenance than others.

For example, red often fades to pink after exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period. It can result in a less cohesive look if your home has accents that are already painted red.

Black can also fade to gray over time. It’s best to choose black only if the area you’re installing stamped concrete will be covered or shaded from sunlight most of the day.

Get help from an experienced contractor to get the best installation possible.

The exterior is the first thing people catch sight of when walking up to your house. So, it’s essential to consider what you want your home to look like before deciding on a pattern and color.

If you’re unsure of the design and color, consulting a professional is always a good idea. We can help you narrow down which pattern and color will look best in your home. Consulting a professional allows for the most cohesive outcome.

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