DreamCrete Custom Creations Stands With Orlando With Art

DreamCrete Custom Creations Stands With Orlando With Art

Orlando Fl- The owners of DreamCrete Custom Creations, LLC out of Orlando Florida have created a piece of art to be auctioned in honor of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting .

Zach Dandera, one of the owners of DreamCrete, stated, “We had to do something to support our city.” The sculpture which is approximately 3ft long and 2 ft wide is made up entirely of one of a kind 100% concrete and was created and transported down to Orlando from North Carolina in a record 3 days. He continued, “We work with concrete so it made sense to make something beautiful out of something not commonly associated with beauty”

The sculpture is currently looking for a home to be either auctioned off or purchased with the total price to be donated towards the victim’s fund. Yes 100% Donated.
For information on hosting the piece in a gallery for auction, purchase, or distribution, please contact Zach Dandera at (407) 285-8476 or at Info@DreamCreteCC.com

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