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Decorative Concrete Flooring


Getting the desired results with decorative concrete flooring

Did you have info that all corners of the commercial space in your home will be warmer, brighter, and enjoyable with decorative concrete flooring? When you combine your accessories with decorated concrete floors and furniture, you will give the commercial building a feeling of rebranded commercial space, minus putting you through the challenges of having to move. While the floor will impact the whole décor, the key to a successful job lies in preparation. Learn to prepare well and you will have no regrets about the outcome of the project.

Show the contractor the color chart

Come with a sample of material you are matching with you when visiting the concrete coloring contractor for him to help you choose colors. However, the provided color chips may not exactly represent your final results on the project. Color chips may be different inside the washroom as compared to the home and may change during the day, depending on the lighting. Samples of colors are available for trial or application directly to your floor portion, giving you the allowance to live and experience the color before making a purchase.

Tips for getting the desired decorative concrete floors results

For real, the colors both you and the contractor choose need to have a dramatic effect on the feel and look of the commercial and residential environment. To begin with, you need to consider the tips below when you desire getting the desired results with your floors. Be keen to choose colors that will blend well with the overall design of your home.

Open up to new colors

Do not limit yourself on the basis of your assumption of what will and will not work because sometimes it may be tough to foresee the end result. It is good to practice a high level of creativity when undertaking decorative concrete flooring.

Pick synchronizing colors

You need to choose colors which synchronize with the architecture of the office, feel, space, and much more. You need to first determine the look you desire, and with the decorative concrete flooring contractor, you will decide on the best combination or product for your design requirements.

Ask for assistance from professional contractors

You need to ask for assistance from professionals when you are not sure of the colors that will provide an intrinsic beauty to your venues. Carry out a consultation with the contractor to avoid disappointing and expensive choices.

Utilize custom coloring matching

In case you cannot find the right project color, you will have to ask the manufacturer or decorative concrete flooring contractor if it is possible to do custom color matching.

The addition of the right colors to your building is similar to the addition of the right ingredients to your recipe. You are not sure of when it will bring a great smile to your face.

How have these colors made the fringe fashion to have a widespread appeal? The reason is customization among owners desire. Concrete flooring with décor can now offer owners endless choices for making their residential and commercial environs unique and their own. These floors in colored, stained, personalized, and painted glory are becoming the current trend in office complexes, restaurants, industrial spaces, schools, grocery stores, retail outlets, and homes all over.

Matters of maintenance

To keep your floors looking the best for many years, you need to watch out the following maintenance tips. And when you do, you not see any undue alarm or concern about the performance of your decorative concrete flooring.

Apply a primer, topcoat, and base coat

A lot of concrete systems have a primer, topcoat, and base coat derived from UV-resistant materials. The available concrete coatings work perfectly to the extent that discoloration and stains are not really an issue when the substrate is prepared well. Color flakes and UV-resistant and safe from stains and will resist yellowing or fading.

Employing concrete cleaners

Typical makers of stain in commercial spaces are debris and dirt, and high traffic of feet. On uncoated or unsealed concrete floors, the majority of these materials penetrate and leaves stains, and worse, may shorten the life of the surface. With the right coated concrete floor, all materials will be cleaned with cleaners. A lot of manufacturers say that decorative concrete flooring remains good for about fifteen years in high-traffic environs.

Application of concrete sealers

Unsealed concrete is susceptible to staining and damage. Coated concrete does not deteriorate. Additionally, stains are past things. When you cure concrete of the concrete sealer, they formulate a non-porous surface that salts, oil, and bacteria cannot bond with.

Flooring in all commercial environs is subject to more abuse and use than other surfaces inside the building. Correct maintenance needs to be put into consideration as part of the required investment to make sure that there is a healthy return on investment. Maintenance is also neglected as a factor with equal importance in making sure that equal importance of the decorative concrete flooring appearance will meet your expectations. The longer you have the ability to make the concrete floors to hold the right appearance the less the cost of maintaining and owning the premise.

Out-of-date linoleum chipped tile, and the stained carpet is among common flooring materials to be removed or upgraded in the process of remodeling. Homeowners and designers are on the lookout for options for floor replacement which are chic, durable, and sustainable.

The first aspect to handle while changing to decorative concrete flooring is removing the existent floors. After the carpet, linoleum, or tile has gotten torn, the mastics and glues that adhere to old flooring to the concrete have to be removed. The removal takes place mechanically through grinding, or chemically or shot-blasting with solvent-based or soy removers.

After cleaning the floor of mastics and glues, surface irregularities and holes inside the concrete will be patched. The following concrete overlay or micro-topping will be applied to attain a clean palette to dye and/or stain. These tips will help you to come up with designs that will turn your house into a home.

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