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Patio resurfacing

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Are you the homeowner that is convinced that the cost-effective solution of repairing cracked, old concrete patios does not exist? If that is the case, there are a lot of options in the market for restoring patios that are old, sidewalks, floors, patios, driveways, and pool decks. The best part of it is that they do not need complete removal, demolition, and replacement for existing patios. This will make patio resurfacing will make the price very affordable because the labor requirements are reduced.

What are the available options?

The commonest methods for patio resurfacing include concrete staining, concrete stamping, concrete coatings, and concrete overlays. The options avail infinite possibilities for mimicking high-end materials such as cobblestone, brick, marble, tiles, and much more, plus customized seals, colors, finishes, and hues. You have the option of choosing concrete printed or engraved with customized symbol, emblem, picture, and logo.

What makes a patio acceptable for resurfacing?

The underlying concrete patio resurfacing needs to be sound so as to be completed successfully. There, unfortunately, if the concrete surface possesses structural implications like several crumbling, cracks, freeze/thaw damage, or heaving, it is not safe for resurfacing. Additionally, the quality of the soil is a determining factor for suitability of the resurfacing procedure. Non-structural cracks like crazing and shrinkage cracks can undergo sealing just before resurfacing. You need to talk to the contractor to assess the concrete surfaces.

Which surface is a candidate for this procedure?

As long as the concrete is passing a soundness test, a lot of surfaces may undergo resurfacing. It includes common areas like sidewalks, driveways, patios, and floors of garages. However, it includes unique locations like basement floors, kitchen floors, fire pits, pool decks, and much more. These options are endless.

Which is the most crucial priority before the whole process?

The most crucial factor of patio resurfacing procedure is the right preparation. The concrete substrate that is underlying needs to undergo thorough cleaning and preparation before the process of resurfacing starts. Preparation is inclusive of crack filling, cleaning, profiling, and much more.

How long will the floors last?

Longevity benefits are characteristics of patios, plus low maintenance and low cost. When you refinish your patios, you need to expect to enjoy results for the length of time you can foretell. All you need to do is to take care of the patios and they will not let you down. Having a quality sealant will help you too.

How can you save money on patio resurfacing?

A lot of homeowners have a particular type of patio in the home. This is typically just a patio or a driveway. With time, however, you will start realizing some cracks or discoloration in the concrete that will make it diminish or unsightly from the overall home appeal. Whether you just want to make the home better or you want to comply with the regulations of homeowners’ association, it is crucial to replace or resurface the patio that is affecting your home. However, complete patio resurfacing may be expensive and time-consuming. The area will begin looking better while saving money and time.

There are a lot of contractors that will offer you lower resurfacing quotes as opposed to replacement. However, the advantage is that you will not have to employ a professional to provide the required quality concrete resurfacing. You may choose to do it by yourself as a personal project, giving you the allowance to save money and spare you the hassle of choosing contractors and obtaining quotes.

There exist two patio resurfacing choices. You may choose to mix the patio by combining gravel, water, and cement. You also have the option of choosing prepared mixtures that just require water addition. The only disadvantage is that pre-prepared resurfacing cement has the design of creating thin overlays. Therefore, in case you have large gouges or holes in the patios, it will work well.

You need to start with a clean surface that will ensure that the debris is swept off the surface. You need to make sure that you attain a maximum positive effect that will work without wind and with cool weather. You need to dampen the resurfaced area and then apply concrete glue. You can then evenly and smoothly apply the mixture of patio resurfacing. You need to make sure that the area does not have traffic until when it is fully set. This will provide a flawless, smooth finish that will make the patio new.

The process will last many years when done well. So as to replace the patio completely, you will have to eliminate old concrete that is labor-intensive and difficult and then pour the required concrete thickness for the location. The supplies, materials, and involved labor may be costly. However, you may get a patio that has a professional appearance, is long-lasting with no expense by use of patio resurfacing.

The populous option for updating your patio is by resurfacing. The area of the patio will get worn out and old after some time. Fixing cracks before they become large problems will save you so much money. Since the area will be in a good condition, you will not see uneven or large cracks, giving resurfacing an option. It is a better option compared to breaking the whole area up and then starting over because it is less expensive.

Making the decision of hiring a contractor or doing it by yourself needs to be put into consideration. There are a lot of qualified contractors that can perform the job professionally and quickly. This option is costly but contractors have a lot of years of experience. It is cheaper to go to the hardware store. Since a lot of people are not comfortable with these projects, they make the decision basing on the individual ability when taking this project.

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