concrete kitchen table

Concrete Kitchen Tables

How have you been dreaming to have concrete kitchen furniture in your room? If yes, you are on the right track. Let us take some time to understand what to expect and do with these decent pieces of furniture.

As you transition from upholstered or wooden furniture to concrete ones, you must get it right from the word go. For instance, you may not be able to change the shape and size of your concrete kitchen cabinets after you are done with the installation process. Therefore, you need to take your time and set up everything from the onset. Concrete furniture may still not be appealing to all home users even if it has the best aesthetics and looks. You can begin with small concrete pieces like lighting fixtures, tiny paperweights, and tabletop decors before you can think of big upholstery like concrete kitchen tables. Failure to get it right will mean that you do away with what you already have and start another set using new materials. This can be quite discouraging because the concrete material can be quite expensive.

Have no Expectations of Curves:

Even though the concrete molding technology has been here for a long time, it is still very difficult to create curvilinear forms and volumes using concrete. You will discover that it is easier to create streamlined and blocky shapes. You will always find concrete kitchen tables and other furniture with very straight edges and sleek lines. Therefore, if you are used to curvy, comfortable, and ergonomic furniture, don’t expect such a feeling when going for concrete furniture. Therefore, you need to prepare as well as you choose this type of furniture for your dream kitchen.

Don’t Use them as Accents:

When you have gotten the feel of utilizing concrete furniture and see to it that you like its feel and look, try to be creative and experimental about their use. Concrete furniture is attention centers by nature and shines brightly when you use them as bold accent pieces. Find unusual uses, striking forms, and adventurous styles when selecting your concrete kitchen tables and other pieces of furniture.

You Should Not Expect Perfection:

Concrete furniture is well-loved and well known for its raw texture feel and look. With this in consideration, anyone who is a fun of sterile and clean looking surfaces should not expect to love the overall look of concrete. However, there are some techniques that can help you to make concrete feel and look more perfect. You’d rather go for other materials if that is what you are searching for in your kitchen tables. The beauty of concrete kitchen tables lies in their almost random and varied aesthetics.

Do Not Mix It Up:

Complimentary and contrast textures are an excellent choice when you are using concrete furniture. Given its look that is almost raw and rough, concrete kitchen tables have an excellent look next to smoother, warmer wood textures, or the softer pastel block colors. Just experiment with contrast and you will be able to see how using concrete furniture can really enhance the look of your kitchen.

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